The Evolving Advisor Podcast

Ep 002: Mark Tibergien - The Evolution and Future of the Financial Advisory Industry

Episode Notes

In this episode, Jeff and Mark discuss:
• Mark’s professional journey to his current position as CEO at BNY Mellon | Pershing.
• How valuation has changed and evolved over the years and how it is moving into multiples of EBITDA.
• Understanding the demographics, your respected competitors, your core strengths, and your definition of success.
• Developing niche and emerging markets.

Key Takeaways:
• Develop a technical specialty, develop an industry specialty, get famous at both.
• There is still room in the financial advisory world for smaller organizations.
• How you do business today will not necessarily get you to where you want to go. Look at the developments in the marketplace and see how the demographics are changing.
• Become the employer of choice to a diverse sector of employees.

*"This is such an incredible time to be a financial advisor, but it’s also a very threatening time because it’s business built on the way Boomers wanted to be served, not the way in which subsequent generations want to be served."* — Mark Tibergien

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