The Evolving Advisor Podcast

Ep 005: Jeff Brown: Finding the Path and Growing Personally and Professionally

Episode Notes

In this episode, Jeff and Jeff discuss:

• Jeff’s professional journey into financial advising and how he built his current business.
• Personal development and coaching.
• The three-step process of becoming a client.
• Creating boundaries and balance in your work and life.

Key Takeaways:

• Sell yourself, your process, and your abilities, not just your product.  
• Having a coach is the way to go – keeping you on point, focused, and becoming the best version of whatever you want to do.
• It is more enjoyable to work with a coach and you get better results than working by yourself.
• The planning is the most important thing done every day.

"You don’t pay us to make the plan, you pay us to change the plan." - Jeff Brown

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