The Evolving Advisor Podcast

Ep 006: John Furey: The NorthStar Standard for Evolving and Advisor Growth

Episode Notes

In this episode, Jeff and John discuss: 

• John’s professional journey and what lead him to the forming of Advisor Growth Strategies.

• Finding and retaining fantastic talent.

• The tactic of compensation and equity mandates.

• Thinking readiness and preparedness.

Key Takeaways:

• The single biggest consideration is how you come through to independence.

• Changing pricing through transition gives you a chance to reset and recalibrate the value.

• If your objective as a firm is to grow, you always have to be looking for talent.

• All firms have value, but 4% of the independent market controls 60% of the assets.

"You really have to have a strong conviction as to why you’re doing it." — John Furey


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