The Evolving Advisor Podcast

Ep 008: Sterling Shea: How Barron's Benefits Advisors

Episode Notes

In this episode, Jeff and Sterling discuss:

• How Sterling got his start with Barron’s over 20 years ago.

• What to do to outpace your peers in organic growth.

• The evolution of the advisors lists Barron’s has provided to the industry.

• Future opportunities and evolutions at Barron’s.

Key Takeaways:

•Think more about it as a business, not a practice.

•Reducing your responsibilities and bringing on talent will allow your business to grow and thrive rather than just continue as it has been.

•Diversification can help your firm and your clients be less tied to the market fluctuations.

•Your business starts dying the moment you stop thinking about how it needs to change.

"The future is going to be brightest for those advisors who have moved away from, or evolved beyond, an investment-centric focused business. I would want to be with a firm or a team that is trying to position itself as the trusted family counselor." — Sterling Shea

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