The Evolving Advisor Podcast

Ep 011: Jeff Concepcion & Lou Camacho: Highlights of 2019 and a Sneak Peak of 2020

Episode Notes

In this episode, Jeff and Lou discuss:  

• Listening to the marketplace to find out wants, needs, and pain points.

• Streamlining processes and systems and delegating for growth.

• The struggles of growth years and the reward that comes after.

• Talent and cross-training.


Key Takeaways:  

• Advisors value choice, they want to grow their practice, but they want to do it meaningfully.

• Think about what you do that drives the needle, then think about what needs done that someone could probably do better than you.

• Businesses reinvest – in people, human capital, technology, structure.

• There is power and leverage in cross-training, especially for small and mid-sized firms.


"I want people cross-trained so that if someone's out, if someone leaves the firm, whatever the case may be, we have redundancy, but more importantly, scale." —  Lou Camacho


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